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aic level of 7.5, good or bad??????

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Q: Blood sugar level at 7.5, good or bad?
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Is 140 bad blood sugar reading in morning?

that's kind of high

What should your blood sugar be?

my blood sugsr levels is 116 is that good or bad

Why is it bad to have low blood sugar levels?

Low blood sugar, or hypoglyceemia, can be an on-going problem. It occurs when the level of sugar in your blood drops too low to give your body energy.

Is fasting Blood sugar of 103 - good or bad?

No. That is a pretty good number. A little high for fasting, but no, not diabetic.

my sugar level is 233 is this bad?

my sugar level is 233 is this bad

Why does giving steroids increase blood sugar level?

Because of the ingredients in steroids, it cause you body to get hyper with high blood sugar levels. Steroids are BAD!!!!

Is it good if your blood sugar is 70?

If your blood sugar is 70, it's a little low but not too bad. Normal range is about 74-106.

Is it possible for a blood sugar level to be 570 and they are fine?

For a Diabetes Type 1 patient this sugar level is bad. They will not feel well at all. For them a reading in 300 is normal. If the sugar level goes above 700 then there is a chance of a diabetic coma.

Why is it bad to have a sugary sweet before going bed?

The treat will raise your blood sugar level (no surprise there) and that signals the brain that it is time to be awake and alert! Not a good sleep hygiene strategy.

What are some of the bad sugars?

all of the sugars are bad even splendor is a bad sugar for people with high blood sugar

What is in the food you eat?

Sugar can be bad or good for you there is natural sugar and bad sugar which has been prosiest. Also there is fibre which is very good for you.

Are bell peppers bad for diabetics?

Vegetables are good for you ... just keep track of your total carbohydrates and your blood sugar will be OK.