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No, because the truck is wider than the Jeep.

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Q: You were given a Dana 44 front end from a 77 dodge pu with out locking hubs is this somthing you could easly modify to work in your cj5?
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Does a 1998 dodge 1500 4wd have a locking or non-locking rear ends?

It could have a limited slip rear end.

95 dodge Dakota locking mechanism?

Can you be more specific as to your question and what you are asking?

Will a 5.7 liter hemi fit in a 2003 Dodge Intrepid?

Verry easy with a awd intrepid , but its not bolt on , always thing to modify and adjust ;) but it could be done :)

Why does v belt on 2000 dodge caravan keep breaking?

Whatever component that it drives is probably locking up.

1988 DODGE D100 4 wheel drive not working but the two in the back spin but the two in the front don't what could be wrong?

are there manual locking hubs on it or just flanges?is there a vacumn disconnect on the front axle?

What causes a 2002 dodge ram hydro locking?

Cracked head/ head gasket or driving through deep water.

What is wrong with a dodge D100 it gets to 150 temp then it spudders and dies almost like its vapor locking checked coolant replaced carb distributer coil fuel pump and filter and it still spudders?

well it could possibly have a burnt valve........Could be the Control Unit

Will a 95 chev canopy fit a 96 dodge?

It will fit any vehicle if you modify it you can even put it on a Kenworth truck

Why is your Dodge 318 1500 ac was squealing and is now locking up?

bearing went in pump you need to replace the pump now

How do you reset an anti-theft device in a 1999 Dodge Caravan?

Try locking and closing the doors and then open the drivers door with the key.

How you remove radio from dodge sprinter 2005?

There are two special tools that look like keys that are inserted to release locking tabs

Was the dodge charger offered in red the first year they were made?

Yes the dodge charge was offered in red. It is also very easy to modify the color of the dodge charger. Yes, in 1964 the first Dodge Charger was made and it was in Ruby Red. The red car has been Dodge's most famouse version of the Charger since.