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VERY. Its happened to me too many times.

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Q: You had unprotected intercourse during your fertile period how likely is it that you could be pregnant?
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Can one have intercourse during fertile period and not be pregnant?

Yes. Even if you're both fertile, it doesn't always happen.

During sexual intercourse is it easier to get herpes or is it easier to get pregnant during ovulation?

Both are as equally likely when having unprotected sex.

Can you be pregnant with out any sexual feelings during intercourse?

If it was unprotected sex (without a condom, or any oral contraceptive, or any other contraceptive) then yes.

How can a man get a women peragent?

Unprotected vaginal intercourse during ovulation

You had your implanon taken out two weeks ago and had intercourse during that time how soon can you tell if im pregnant and could you have gotten pregnant and not know yet and how soon can i tell?

You can tell if you're pregnant two or three weeks after unprotected sex.

Is it likely to get pregnant during your period if your unprotected?

"Likely", no. But it has happened.

Can you get pregnant if you have not taken your pill after a week and a half?

Yes you can become pregnant, because your body has not yet adapted to the hormones in the birth control which protects you from pregnancy. You should take a pregnancy test if you have had unprotected intercourse during you first week of starting birth control. You should wait to have unprotected intercourse for at least 1-2 months,2 months being safer.

If iam already late for your period and not do to sex and then while i am still waiting for my period i happen to have sex can i still become pregnant?

If you want to be pregnant then have unprotected sex with your husband during your fertile days. Then there is a greater percentage to be pregnant. The other way around is to abstain sex during fertile days especially around 5 days before menstruation and 5 days after it or use a contraceptive method.

Is it possible to be pregnant if you intercourse 3 days after menstruation?

Yes - during the average 28 day cycle 3 days after menstruation would be during your fertile phase, thus pregnancy risk is very high.

Can you be pregnant if you took the morning after pill a month ago and your period is late plus had unprotected sex during that time?

Yes, if you had unprotected sex, you could be pregnant.

Can you get pregnant if you missed more then one pills during your pack of pills and then having intercourse and then bleed after sex?

That pretty much means you had sex unprotected so yes. Missing one pill is all it takes.

Can you be pregnant if you used the morning after pill and the withdraw method?

Yes. You have been unprotected during intercourse and the MAP is not 100% sure. Pulling out is not a birth control method. 25% get pregnant and you will be too within 2 years of that is what you use as protection. There is sperm in pre ejaculate too and that can get you pregnant. Get on birth control.