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don't worry the paying insurance company will contact you for repayment once all their claims are settled they will turn it over to the subrogation dept who will get in contact with you.....or you could call the paying insurance company and ask them who you need to talk to about repayment of this debt...some company's (while i don't agree), will automatically file suit to get a judgement, so you might want to get ahold of them yourself first and offer to make some payment arrangements.....and perhaps stop that suit........i guess the friend didn't have ins. on the car and you (or your parents if you live at home) have no auto ins policys?

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Q: You crashed your friends car and thought you was insured but found out that you was not you do not know the persons number as it has all gone through insurance how can you pay it or will it have to go?
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Is car insurance still valid when the insured dies?

Is car insurance still valid on a persons car if the insured person has died

A person who is insured is called?

The "insured" refers to a person or persons who are listed on the insurance policy for whom a premium is being collected.

Can the used car insurance policy be transferred to the new owner?

No. Insurance is based upon a persons ability to be insured.

What does Additionally Insured on a Vehicle Insurance Policy mean?

The person who took out the policy is the main or policyholder. Any persons added to the policy are considered additionally insured.

Who receives the benefits or money from a life insurance pplicy upon the death of the insured?

Upon the death of the insured, the person or persons selected as the receiver of benefits in the contract receives the benefits or money from a life insurance policy.

What are the challenges facing insurance regulatory authority?

In fact, the insurance regulatory authority has to look after the interests of both Insurance Company and the insured persons. While policy matters are formulated to such an extent that the insurers are not loosers vis a vis the insured persons are not deprieved of their fundamental rights in getting claims while in distress. This dual challenges post enorous responsibility on the insurance regulatory authorities.

What is a policy form in insurance?

By policy form you meant to say proposal form where all details of the insured persons are to be written along with necessary enclosures to be submitted to the insurance company. The Insurance Co. underwrites the form considering the insurance needs and capability of the insured and after payment of stipulated premia, insurance policy is issued.

What if you didn't have insurance on motor bike and crashed but had health insurance?

Your health insurance would pay for your injuries. You would have no coverage for your liability (damage you caused to other people's property or persons) or for the damage to your motor bike.

Do I need Car insurance with no car?

Please think about it. It is car insurance. So you wont.While the previous answer is correct, if you want to be able to drive another persons car, either YOU need insurance, or the owner of the car must have it insured for all drivers. I only say this because growing up I knew people without cars who would drive a friends car, and they had car insurance only so they could drive their friends car.

Can you enroll in homeowner's insurance without spouse consent?

Yes, Either owner of a property can purchase a home insurance policy. It is recommended however, that you list all persons with a financial interest in the property as an insured on the policy.

Why doesn't your home insurance cover damage from a vehicle which is not insured under auto insurance?

That is not necessarily true. That is, if an uninsured vehicle runs into your house and causes damage to the house, your own homeowner's policy will generally pay for the repairs to the house. Naturally, payment will be subject to the terms, conditions and limitations of the policy. Further, the amount recoverable will be limited to the total amount payable under the homeowner's policy. If, instead, what you are asking is whether homeowner's insurance will cover damage to a vehicle, the answer is no. They are 2 different types of insurance covering 2 different kinds of risks. Premiums (the amount paid by the person insured) are determined by the nature of the risk(s) insured, the persons or entities insured, and the activities insured. Those factors differ between auto insurance and homeowner's insurance, so a total premium cannot be melded.

If an insured person hit an uninsured person will the insured persons insurance pay for the damage?

Depends on the state.. and if the state is a "no-fault" state. Typically, in a no fault state, the person at fault pays for damages incurred. In a no-fault state (such as Michigan), each person pays for their own damages.