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Absolutely! Discount tire companies usually carry the exact same brands of tires as the bigger stores. Their mechanics also usually have the same certifications as the ones who work for dealerships and better known franchises.

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Q: Would you take your car to a discount tire co?
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What are some locations of Discount Tire shops in Dallas Texas?

These are some of the locations I found for discount tires: Discount Tire Co of Texas Inc - Lakewood, Discount Tire in Dallas, Texas, Discount Tire Custom Wheels, Truck & Car Rims Discount Tire. I would also suggest you look at other tire centers to see if any of them are offering specials.

What is a good discount car tire brand?

Some excellent tire brands which can often be found at a discount would be the following: Michelin, BFGoodrich, Uniroyal Tires, Cooper Tires or Goodyear Tires.

What merchants take Car Care One credit cards?

Discount Tire, Pep Boys, Exxon Mobil, and possibly others take Car Care One credit cards.

Why would someone go to a discount tire center?

As per their name, discount tire centers sell and sometimes install tires or other repairs. If a car's tire gets damaged, is worn out, or is generally otherwise unusable, a local tire center usually offers affordable replacements and installation.

Where are discount tire stores near me?

There actually is not a Discount Tire in Lancaster. However, there is one on East Palmdale Boulevard, located in the nearby city of Palmdale. They should meet all your tire needs no matter what car or truck you have.

How do you find tire width?

first you have to take the tire off the car along with all four of them then you take the wheels off and measure all around the car's tire

Are discount tire coupons for several tires or only one?

The discount tire coupons are for more than one car, for example they may run a coupon for buy one get one free or $80 off the price when you buy four tires so you would need to purchase more than one.

Where can you find discount tires in Edmonton?

There are a few different places to find discount tires in Edmonton. One place being Edmonton Tires and Car Repair | The Tire Warehouse, and Edmonton Used Tires and Re-Run Tire - Free Recycling. They are the highest rated places for discount tires.

How many revolutions will a car tire make in one mile?

it would depend on the speed of the car or the diameter of the tire.

Where can I purchase discount tires online?

There is a store called 'Discount Tire' and you can buy tires from them online. XLT tire just recently had an online sale also which advertised buy two tires get two tires free.

What happens if you take a car strut totally off?

The car will fully sink/go down on the tire with out the strut. When the car sinks down, it will sit on the tire which will immobilize the car.

How can I repair my cars tire?

If you want to repair your car tire because your car tire got a hole in it, then you should take it to Gilbert and Renold's Car Tires and Repair Shop. They will be able to repair your car tire.