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You may. First time intercourse is painful for most women. Pain can cause nausea.

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Q: Would you feel nausea after first time intercourse?
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How you feel in first week in pregnancy?

Knowing the first week would indicate a heightened sensitivity. The first symptom usually is nausea.

When man and woman having sexual intercourse also that woman is her first time to have sexual intercourse what she will feel?

She will feel anxiety and then extreme relief and a extremely good feeling during and after the orgasm.

Is it possible to know your pregnant 21 days after intercourse?

it depends. but you should check for signs like nausea, dizziness period does not show up, you feel sleepy all the time etc.

Are there any consequences to health after first intercourse to a man?

yes, a man after having his 1st intercourse may feel low and down. His face may not look as glowing as it was before his 1st intercourse

What does it mean when nausea after smoking cigarettes?

Usually we feel nausea because of the drug in the cigarettes,for first-timer,they are not used to it.But after a long period of time,the nauseousness will be gone

Can you feel morning sickness just after few days of intercourse?

No, it does not occur until 2 weeks after sex at the earliest. For most women it does not start until 4-6 weeks after sex

What does sexual intercourse feel?


How early after unprotected intercourse would you feel implantation?

It's different for everyone, but roughly 10 days after

What is it when you feel a pain in your stomach and feel very weak?

stomachache or nausea

How does a women feel during sexual intercourse?

they try to feel brave

How early after unprotected intercourse would you feel implantation cramps?

It's different for everyone, but roughly 10 days after

Does girl feel good on intercourse?