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No. The driver is responsible.

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Q: Would I be responsible if someone else is driving my car and they get into accident?
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Which insurance would be liable if our 16 year old son was involved in an accident driving someone elses auto with their permission ours or the owners?

The owners insurance will be responsible for coverage in an accident involving permissive use of their vehicle.

Who would be held responsible for a car with no insurance if it is involved in an accident would it be the car owner or the person driving the car?


You lied to the rental agency about driving the rental yourself and it was involved in an accident?

It would depend on the state the accident was in. State laws would determine who is responsible. in California the renter is responsible regardless of fault. Also if you accept the LDW (Loss Damage Waiver) and you violate the contract the LDW/CDW is void. So if an unauthorized driver was driving the car and got into an accident, the renter would still be responsible.

What happens if someone has an accident in an uninsured car that is not theirs?

The uninsured part would mean that the person or persons responsible would have to pay for it. If they have an accident in someone elses car they will probably be questioned in court.

If an insured driver was driving your uninsured car would their insurance cover an accident?

Only if the driver was responsible and only for his liability

What if you are driving someone else's car and you get in an accident that is your fault?

Their insurance would be primary and your insurance would be considered secondary when filing a claim.

When you're taking your first drivers test and you get into an accident and you kill someone is that your fault?

Well, I would assume so. You were driving the car, and you were in control. If I am right, you can't blame your driving school for the accident. So in my personal opinion, yes, it is your fault! :[

If you host a party and someone leaves and gets in an accident are you responsible?

You may be responsible. If you serve alcohol to your guests (which you would if you were hosting a party) you can be arrested especially if there is a fatality. I've read about it happening.

What if someone else is driving your car?

The only way that can be a bad thing is if the car is stolen. You would have had to report it stolen prior to the ticket or accident.

Who would be responsible for accident if car is in someone else's car insurance?

you would as stated in article 903.48.3 of the united states government law association

You got into an accident driving your moms car with no insurance Is she responsible?

The person operating the vehicle is the first one responsible. The owner of the vehicle can also be held responsible. If your under 18 and an adult allowed you to drive, they can be held responsible if, they knew you would operate it recklessly or knew you didn't have a licence.

In a one car accident who is responsible for damage to the vehicle if it was driven by someone other than the owner?

The primary insurance would be the policy that insures the vehicle.