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I thiink that Fasha is Goku's mother because she knew exactly when he was born and closet sayian girl to bardock.

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Q: Would Fasha be considered Goku's mom?
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Who is gokus mom?

Fasha is gokus mother because goku was an adult when fasha died and in dragonball z tenachi 3 bardock says fasha no! and she has the same face as goku and shorotto is fan named or fake. this is wrong she says why dont you visit YOUR son if it were theyrs she would have said our

Why didnt they mention gokus mom?

Im pretty sure they did, as Fasha, but she's dead, along with bardock and his crew.

Was gokus mom in a episode of dragonballz?

No Gokus mom was not in any of the episdoes of dragonballz's episodes

Is fasha Goku's mom?

I think she is goku's sister

How do you get Goku's mom Fasha in Dragon ball z Budokai Tenkaichi 3?

You have to win on 3 star difficulty in the Yamcha Games. And yes, Fasha is Goku's mom.

Who is bardock brother?

it is possible that turles is bardocks brother though alot of the saiyans look alike so we cant be too sure but any way on the topic of gokus mom its most likely to be fasha her other name is celipa i don't no about that i think its in the Japanese version

How do you get Goku27s mom Fasha in Dragon ball z Budokai Tenkaichi 3?

ask sinroon

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Who is goten's mom?

he doesnt have a mother saiyan males lay eggs and so do saiyan females however if a saiyan and a human mate the eggs are converted into spermWhat? that is wrong! Not much is told about vegeta's mother or even Goku's. If you browse the web people say that Vegeta's mother is "Rosicheena"but this info is not accepted by the drangonball universe it's just talk.

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Who is gohan mom?

There is no episode she died when freiza blew up planet vegeta Unless Fasha is his mother. In which case, the DBZ movie "Bardock: The Father of Goku" is when you see his mom.

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