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Detox does nothing. It depends on how much and for how long you smoked...if you are a regular smoker then it will take up to a month to get it all out, if it was less then about 2-3 weeks. So called "detox drinks" do nothing except mask THC and will be detected by a lab.

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Q: With detox how long to get weed out your system?
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Do diet pills clean your system from weed?

No, id try detox or other cleansers

If you smoked one blunt how long would it be in your system?

It could be out of your system in a week, or depending on the THC content of the weed, and your own body fat, as long as a month. And no, there is nothing you can do to clean out your system. Those detox products are BS.

Household Detox for weed?

Its not household but you can get niacin pills to help your system get clean quicker. I don't think their real expensive.Exercise

Do detox pills work on fake weed?

Fake weed doesn't show up on drug tests, therefore no need to detox.

How do you get a job with weed in system?

Hope that they don't drug test you. If they do, plan ahead and take a detox beverage on the day if the test.

How do you clean drugs out of your system without using detox kits?

All you do is stop smoking weed for 30 -45 days. That should do it.

How fast can cranberry juice flush weed out of your system?

It wount help at all. Drink alot of water and pee it out or detox juice.

What Is A Four Week Detox Diet?

The detox diet consists of flushing out toxins out of your system first. Then you will consume vegetables like broccoli, brown rice, sea weed and kelp and lots of nuts and grains.

Does vinegar works with juice to take weed out your system?

The only thing that can sober you up is time. No household materials work. But detox pills do.

How long does it take for puriclean instant to detox your system?

8 hrs

Do your period help detox from weed?

Detox is a nonsense term, the weed will simply leave your body in it's own time as normal. Menstruation has no impact on the drug leaving your body.

Why weed stay in your system so long?

cause we cavemen we like weed weed good for soul