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Not usually. But if it keeps happening, then it may.

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Q: Will your insurance go up if your car has been stolen?
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Can you get insurance after your car is stolen and it be covered?

If you try to get theft insurance after the car is stolen you will go to Jail! The insurance companies have no sense of humour about FRAUD! Penalty for Insurance Fraud in the U.S. is up to 20 years in prison.

If your car was stolen and totaled can the bank list it as a repossession and make you continue to pay insurance on it?

IF the car was stolen, reported as stolen to the cops, the ins. should be paying the loan off. IF the ins. co. does not think the car is stolen, they wont pay and its as if the car was NOT stolen. So, you have to pay notes and insurance on the collateral. Bottom line??? HELP the ins. prove it was stolen and the problem will go away. MERRY CHRISTMAS.

Can you go to jail for driving without a licence in an unregistered car with no insurance that has expired tags on it with a stolen sticker and the tags belong to another car you used to have?


How can you check if a Subaru Car that Ive had your eye on has been stolen or not?

You must go to the police station and ask them to find out where the car is at the present time by giving them the number plate of that car. The police should automatically find that car, this was you will know where it is and if it has been stolen or not.

What if your rental car was stolen and you have no insurance by your credit card neither from rental company - What are the consequences Will you have to pay another car If yes if you refuse to?

You are fully responsible for any loss or damage to a rental car. If you do not have insurance to cover this or have not purchased insurance from the car rental company, they will go after you for the full cost of the rental vehicle.

If a car hits my house does car insurance or homeowners insurance pay?

I have the same question! A car did hit my house and I started to go through my homeowners insurance , but however I am thinking after all the problems that I am having with my homeowners that maybe it would have been best to go through the car company insurance.

is car stolen?

You can check whether your car is stolen or not just by having a number plate. The not only car you can go for stolen motorbike check incase you need to know whether your bike is stolen or not before buying it.

If you have had two bikes stolen will your insurance premium go up?

You would be lucky to get insurance

Can you reprot your car stolen after repros?

You cant report car stolen after being repoed, because the police have on file the vehicle as a repo. Once the vehicle is picked up it is reported so the authorities don't go out looking for a vehicle that hasn't been stolen.

Will reporting your license plate stolen cause your insurance to go up?


What services would let me find a car's history using its VIN?

Go to, a free online service offered by the National Insurance Crime Bureau. With the VIN you'll be able to determine whether the car has been reported stolen, or has previously been involved in an accident that led to it being declared a total loss.

Can you go to jail if you buy a stolen car?

Yes. Receiving stolen goods is a crime.