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Probably and you should also know this. With a Rottweiler if anything happens to anyone because of the dog regardless of the situation they are going to make you put the dog down. I once had a Doberman that was super gentle and the neighbor kids played with that dog and my girls all the time. One day one of the kids stuck a pencil down the dogs ear and the dog snapped at her to get away and cut her lip. It took two stitches to fix her lip and cost me more than that at the vet for the dogs ear. In court the judge stated that even a dog had a right to defend itself and then their attorney got up and said "the dog is a Doberman Pincher". The judge dropped everything right there, ordered the dog put down and awarded them $5000.00.

Just so you know.

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Q: Will your insurance go up if you have a rottweiler?
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