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Let your insurance company/agent handle the claim--they will collect from the other insurance if there is a valid claim. You'll need a police report.

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Q: Will your comprehensive auto insurance cover your car if you were not at fault in the accident but other drivers insurance denies claim?
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What happens if the other driver in an accident denies liability?

Never admit to liability in an accident. Exchange your details and let the insurance companies deal with it.

What if an insurance company denies my third party claim when they are at fault in car accident?

Then it's time for a lawsuit.

If primary insurance denies coverage and you have secondary who is responsible to pay the bill?

== == If secondary insurance denies coverage, YOU get to pay the bill. == ==

What can you do if your insurance company denies your insurance claim?

Today accident management companies facilitate quick recovery of claims, they need not wait till the whole case is resolved. So you must visit an accident management intermediary service provider for your damage assessment. Visit source for more info:

What do you do when the driver at fault later denies being at fault?

If you have comprehensive coverage, you should have collected from your insurance company. Then the two companies can argue about it. legal action if fail to reply to letter of demand and quote.

I just found out that i have no insurance and had an accident but other person is at fault?

So it depends on what state you live in. Here in CA we have a law which denies anyone who does not have insurance any bodily injury claim. Your car will be fixed to its prior state before the accident and nothing more. This information that I know of only pertains to the state of CA.

If your insurance company denies a claim can the state revoke your driver license just as if you were carrying NO insurance?

Yes, If you are in an at fault accident for which your state law requires you carry the appropriate coverage and the insurance you bought does not cover it. Then you were in fact uninsured for that accident and you are not in compliance with your state law regarding your financial responsibility.Basically it means that you did not have the minimum coverage required by your state.

If your primary insurance denies a claim for failure to have a referal will your secondary insurance pay the claim?

Read your policy

Can a health insurances deny you if you are gay?

No health insurance company denies anyone health insurance for being gay.

How to say 'if insurance denies' in Spanish?

si el seguro lo rehusa/niega.

Will homeowners insurance cover damage to car from a fallen tree?

It depends on whether or not the car carried comprehensive insurance. If it did the auto owner's insurance would cover the tree damage, regardless of the cause. If the car did not have comp. coverage, then the car owner may be able to make a liability claim against the tree owner's homeowners insurance coverage. If the homeowner's insurance denies the claim, the car owner can still seek a civil award against the homeowner's personal assets.

What if you drive somebody else's car and you get involved in an accident which is not your fault?

Same rules apply as if it was your own car. Make sure you get the insurance information from the person that was at fault and immediately call that insurance company and file your claim. The owner of the car will probably have to verify that you had permission to drive the car. If the other persons insurance denies the claim then the owner of the car will have to make a claim under their policy.