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If it was someone you lent your car to, then it should

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Q: Will progressive insurance cover an accident if someone else drives your car?
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What if someone drives your car and has an accident?

Your insurance rate will increase.

Can someone who drives with no insurance drive with someone who has insurance?


If someone who does not have insurance drives your car and gets in an accident is your car still insured for damage to other vehicles and yours?


If someone drives your car with a valid license but your car has no insurance and they have an accident and at fault?

Hope that you have lots of money.. Tell me your not stupid enough to drive a car with out insurance....

How do you set up the Sportage to be towed by a MotorHome?

If someone without a valid drivers license and without car insurance drives a car that is covered by car insurance, does that insurance pay for that uninsured driver if they have a accident?

If someone drives your car and gets into an accident will your insurance go up?

The short answer is... yes. Insurance companies consider that situation to still be your responsibility, especially since insurance coverage follows the car first, driver second.

How can you protect yourself when a car you own that your older son drives with insurance and has a bad accident?

Your insurance is the protection; that's the nature of insurance.

If you get in an accident while driving a friend's car will her car insurance go up or just yours?

In my experience, if someone drives my car and get in an accident, I think he or her insurance has to pay for the damage of the other party and mine pays for the damage of my car. However, her insurance should go up, but not mine because I am not the one who drive at the time the accident occurs.

When someone drives your vehicle and has an accident who's insurance is responsible in the state of Texas?

Usually it is the driver, there may be some liability if the car was in a state of disrepair or he was acting on your instructions.

How is one protected under car owners insurance when one drives and is in an accident with a party that does not have insurance?

You need to have uninsured motorist insurance as a rider on your insurance. If not you will have to sue the uninsured driver.

Is is a crime if someone drives your car gets in an accident?

no. It could be, depending on the details.

If you driving someone else's vehicle and got into an accident but was not your fault can you file a claim through the borrowed vehicle's policy?

Only if the other persons insurance covers anybody who drives the car.