Will my eyes be OK

Updated: 9/21/2023
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i think yes

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Q: Will my eyes be OK
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Why are my eyes yellow blue and purple?

Well they are ok

It is Ok to illuminate a microscope with direct sunlight'?

Its NOT ok to illuminate a microscope with direct sunglight... it can seriously damage your eyes...

Why do you see a flash of light?

ok i give, where ? are you talking cars or your eyes ?

Is scavenging a dead fetus ok in the eyes of the Judeo-Christian god?


What are the lyrics to shut eyes?

but i dont noaw what the anser is that is why asking you ok.

Is it ok to wear just mascara on your eyes?

yes wearing just mascara and no colorful eyeliners or eyeshadow gives the eyes a natural look

Why is a mother turtle's eyes watery?

When a turtle's eyes are a bit watery, it could be a sign of a dehydration, Infection, or diet related. But over all it would be ok.

Best makeup application for far apart eyes?

ok so u ask for this? i tell u. dark. dark makeup. it will bring your eyes together.

How do you sooth sore eyes from chlorine?

Ok this doesn't cure sore eyes but if your in the shower get a towel and wet it then close your eyes and lightly rub the lids. it may feel sore when you wipe your face with a towel so press the towel lightly on your eyes

Im 15 is it ok to be attracted to milfs?

Attraction is natural, and it's ok. But keep yourself together! Act like a gentleman, keep your eyes (and hands!) to yourself.

Ok so I am 13 and I really can't find and good combinations for my eyes I have grey eyes and dirty blonde hair. And freckles all over my face. What are good makeup combos for my eyes?

You sound beautiful!

When a boy is staring into your eyes and he's dead what does that mean?

It some that normally happen it mean nothing ok