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You'll need to check your policy language or contact your insurance agent to determine if you have the coverage.

Most policies these days have a built in mold exclusion unless you pick it up as an additional endorsement.

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Q: Will home owners insurance cover mold removal and repair?
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Does home owners insurance cover the cost for a fallen tree on a house?

Home Insurance and Felled TreesYes it does. Not only does it cover the cost to repair the house but also removal of the tree. If you have others in danger of falling, it is your responsibility to take them down.

Does homeowners insurance cover tree removal?

Whether home owners' insurance covers tree removal depends on the particular policy you have. Many policies, but not all, will cover removal of a tree that has fallen on a house. However, a tree fallen across a driveway may be a different matter. Read your policy and talk to you insurance agent or representative.

Does home owner insurance policy cover asbestos removal?

It really depends on your insurance co., Auto Owners Ins. doesn't cover asbestos removal, just found out today after my aluminum siding was damaged in hail storm and seen that I had asbestos siding under it and said they don't cover it.

Will home owners insurance cover radon removal?

No. This is not what homeowners insurance is designed to do. This is not a covered cause. Homeowners insurance covers more than any other kind of insurance especially with the premium as low as it is.

Does home owners insurance cover repair of garage doors?

If your garage doors were damaged by a covered peril as defined by your home insurance policy then the door would be covered.

Does your home owners insurance cover mold removal?

All insurers are different. It is best for you to contact an insurer directly and find out what the "fine print" reads.

Does homeowners insurance cover foreclosure?

No. Homeowners Insurance does not cover the owners default on a mortgage note.

Does home owners insurance cover murder?


Does your home owners insurance cover your foundation?


Does home owners insurance cover vandalism?

I beliieve it does.

Does home owners insurance cover water damage caused by the neighbor?


Does home owners insurance cover lost jewelry?

Only if you had your jewelry appraised and included it onto your home owners insurance