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They would cover it if was stolen from your home. They would pay up to the sub-limit, usually 1K, then reduce that amount by your deductible.

However, if you schedule the wedding ring onto your Homeowners policy it will be covered less the deductible for the entire purchase amount.

An appraisal will need to be submitted to the insurance company. A claim filed for the loss or theft of this ring will count as a claim against the Homeowners Policy, which could raise the premiums. There are Personal Article Policies that will separately cover this piece of jewelery.

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Q: Will home owners insurance cover a stolen wedding ring?
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Will your home owners insurance cover stolen wedding ring?

If it is scheduled on your policy and premium was paid, the wedding ring would be covered for the perils specified on the policy.

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It will likely cover up to $200. Good Luck.

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Can you get jewelry insurance on a wedding ring?

There are lots of jewelry insurance that you can get to put on wedding rings that will cover any damage. You can either get a rider from your home owners insurance or your renter's insurance policy or you can get insurance for a specific piece of jewelry from any insurance company.

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When you think about all the things that are involved in a wedding it only makes sense to insure yourself. Wedding insurance can cover several things. It's important to make sure your wedding insurance covers your guests getting sick or if the caterer fails to show up. Wedding insurance does not cover a change of heart by either the bride or the groom. While it covers the wedding bands it does not cover the engagement ring. Make sure you are getting the right coverage for your needs when you are considering wedding insurance. Ask questions about what the insurance does and does not cover.

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