Will curd make us lazy

Updated: 9/22/2023
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Q: Will curd make us lazy
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What can you make with a curd?

Curd or coagulated milk; is used to make cheese.

How lactobacillus make milk to curd?

it can make milk in to curd because it has a special chemical called lacto that changaes milk into curd

Do cellphone make us lazy or dull?

It depends. Whether the person was already lazy or dull.

What is vitamin a in curd?

Curd is rich in Vitamin A. Curd keeps our nice health, make your skin soft and white and you can fight against the diseases if you eat curd daily.

Do cell phones make us lazy or dull?

No, not really.

Can you make wine out of lemon curd?


Why does make us answer?

because there lazy and can't be bothered to answer the question there self

What are all the chemicals in curd?

"Curd" is not descriptive enough for us to know what you're talking about, and even then, listing ALL the chemicals is not really possible.

How is the US lazy?

No country can be lazy; people can be lazy. People in the US are no more lazy than people in other countries. In fact, many people in the US work extremely hard every day.

How will technology change your lives in the next 20 years?

It Will definitly make us more lazy

What is creamy curd?

creamy curd is curd that is creamy

Can fish and curd eat together.any skin disease?

It may cause skin allergy to some. My granny would never allow us to eat fish with curd.