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Yes, with some research...............

The bell housing bolt pattern for all Jeep 304/360/401 V8s and straight six 232/258/242 is the same.

The bell housing from a straight 6 (242/258) from 1983-86 will bolt to any Jeep post 63 v8.

But, the crank shaft pilot shaft holes are many diffrent sizes. So, you need to measure the pilot hole; and be prepared to be creative in finding a bearing.

NOT: You are not restricted to Jeep t-5; and can also use the othrr Ford and Chevy verions; but you need to measure the pilot shaft length.

Try the T5 from the 4cyl mustang; it has the right pilot shaft length and the first gear ratio is 4:1 rather than 3:1 on a T5 for a V8.


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Q: Will a t5 jeep transmission bolt directly to a jeep 304 v8 engine?
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