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MB: I'm sure, because ino and shikamaru have known each other for many years , and , well it's like they're ready to become one! and did you even notice those parts when they help each other and sometimes chouji drops hints, OR leaves them alone? That MUST be love...well, i also hate shiho and temari...they get in their way, but they WILL end up together! Shikaino forver , shikatema, shikashiho never! Especially when they were was OBVIOUS..and since they're 16 now and teenagers, well...eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!! I'm soo excited! pls masashi kishi make them end up together. they're the best!!

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Q: Will Ino and Shikamaru end up together?
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Will Ino and chouji get together?

No she end up with shikamaru or kiba.

If Shikamaru ends up with Temari who will be with Ino?

Shikamaru wont end up with Temari but if ever Ino will be with Sai BUT AGAIN Shikamaru wont end up with Temari 'cause Shikamaru would end up with Ino

Will Shikamaru end up with temari?

no, shikamaru wont end up with temari cause shikamaru will end up with ino

Who is ino going to end up with?

ino might prodadly end up with shikamaru, but then again theres temari...

Who is Shikamaru from naruto most likely to be w temari of Ino?

Temari. In the beginning of the series people thought that Shikamaru and Ino would be together but he never liked her. Temari liked him after their battle in the Chunin Exam's and even more after she saved him from Tayuya, his dad said he would fall for a troublesome girl so he gave into his feeling and in Shippuuden he and Temari date. WTF!?so what?there daiting, but ino and shikamaru daiting to! good day! Shikamaru will me with Temari. And not stupid ugly Ino-Pig! ^_~ Theres your Answer!~ Actually, Kishimoto, who is the guy writing and drawing Naruto, has said in an interview that he doesn't have any plans to write Shikamaru anything romantic. It's still unclear whether or not this means Shikamaru will wind up with anyone. Actually almost everyone end up with some one be in the ending of the manga. He ends up with temari and has a child with her.

Will Shiho and Shikamaru end up together?

They're both men...

Does ino love sai or shikamaru?

to tell tell the truth in a hidden episode or manga it says that ino told chouji to go diet and if he doesn't he'll be tied on a stump like naruto with no breakfast, lunch, or dinner and shikamaru snuck chouji at the ramen shop and shikamaru said if ino finds out she might break up with me - naruto

Who will kiba end up with?

It has not been confirmed who Shikamaru will end up with. Lots of fans think he will either end up with Temari or Ino. However, Masashi Kishimoto has not acknowledged any of these theories as to being true.

Will Shikamaru and temari ever end up together?

its not 100% sure if they are or not going to end up together but only one can hope so. i know i hope they do

Who does Shikamaru end up with?


How does Ino end up with?

Though it hasn't been decided, the two most popular (and logical) "candidates", so to speak, are Shikamaru from Yamanaka's own genin squad and Team Kakashi's newest member, Sai from ROOT.

Who does temari end up with?

temari is going to end up with shikamaru=every body knows that :D=