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If your Satellite/Cable provider includes GolTV in its line-up, you should have it. GolTV's affiliates are: * AT&T

* Accelplus

* Advanced Cable Communications

* Arkwest Communications Inc

* Atlantic Broadband Finance

* Bresnan Communications

* Cablevision Communications

* Cavalier IPTV, LLC

* Charter Communications

* Citizens Cablevision Inc

* Comcast Communications

* Consolidated Comm. Network

* Cox Communications Inc.

* DirecTV (Nationwide)

* Eagle Broadband

* Everest Connections Corp

* Grande Communications Inc

* Guadalupe Valley Comm.


* Harris Broadband LP

* HC Cable Co LLC (NEWNAN)

* PENCOR Services Inc.

* Hotwire Communications

* Qwest Broadband

* Mediacom


* Midcontinent Corporation

* San Bruno Municipal Cable TV

* MIDTEL Cable TV Inc.

* Skylink Comm. Inc


* Strategic Technologies Inc.

* NTS Communications

* Time Warner Cable TV

* Optical Entertainment Network

* Verizon Services Coop

* Paul Bunyan Rural Tele Corp.

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Q: Why you dont have goltv chanel any more?
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