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I would purchase insurance before buying a specific car, but most polices want to know what car is insured so I would wait. Also, you will most likely need to have insurance to take possession of the vehicle.

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Q: Why would you buy car insurance before buying a car?
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What are some tips before buying insurance online?

General tips before buying any form of insurance, online or otherwise, include the following. One should buy from a large company, negotiate claims, and research prices.

How do I compare extended car warranty insurance?

Before you buy insurance, you should compare it. When you are ready to choose, you can go to any online sites, and you can compare the price you will pay before buying.

Why one should get educated on insurance before buying its product?

Because if you know nothing about it you may buy the wrong product for you.

Should you buy house contents insurance before or after you have rented a house?

The safest route to take is buying the house contents before you rent the house. This ensures the safety of the appliances that come with the house you are renting and if anything was to happen you would be covered.

What do you need when you buy a motorcycle?

The best protective equipment you can afford. A motorcycle license. Have gone through a motorcycle school. The best medical and auto insurance that you can afford. These would be the basic requirements before buying a bike.

How do you buy car insurance before you buy the car?

It may not be necessary, I would wait til you know what the car is.

Can you buy a car with proof of insurance but not on the car you are buying at that time?

You can buy a car without proof of insurance.BUTThe finance company may require proof before releasing the money, thus preventing your purchase ORYou can not register a car in most jurisdictions with out insurance.

What does one need to know before they buy life insurance online?

When buying life insurance online it always important to research the company offering the insurance for legitimacy. Once this done a quote may be requested to compare against other providers.

What does buy to let home insurance mean?

It is a home you are buying to rent out, and you are only wanting insurance to cover the property not items

Is vet insurance worth buying?

Vet insurance may be worth buying, however it is generally more expensive to buy insurance if you do not anticipate having an injured pet. However if you love your pet, it may give you peace of mind to get it.

Can a licensed insurance agent buy their own health and life insurance?

Yes and one of the benefits of buying insurance from the company you work for may be a reduced premium. == ==

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