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You probably have trapped air in the system. When the air gets on the temp sensor it goes hi and then when the coolant hits the temp sensor it goes lower. With a COLD engine remove the radiator cap, and start the engine and let it idle and keep topping off the coolant level in the radiator. MAke sure you see coolant moving or flowing inside the radiator once the thermostat opens. which is usually between 160 and 200 degrees. Once you get the air out of the system, the coolant flowing across the temp sensor will be more consistent and thi should take care of your problem.

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Q: Why would the temp range rise and fall in a 1999 gmc pickup even though the water pump and thermostat are new?
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Where is thermostat located on a 2000 Chevrolet Pickup K1500?

on the water pump. follow the top hose from your radiator. it attaches to the block at the thermostat housing.

Location of water temp sensor 86 Nissan pickup?

right below your thermostat housing

Why does the water in your 1994 Chevy pickup only go up to 130 degrees when you have a 195 degree thermostat in it?

Either the thermostat is not working properly or the temperature sensor is displaying wrong on your gauge.

What are the full load amps on a water heater thermostat should range between?

7.5 -10

Where is the thermostat in a 2000 Chevrolet silverado pickup?

Just follow the lower / bottom radiator hose to the engine and you will see where it clamps on a housing that has 3 bolts that hold it onto the water pump. The thermostat is inside of that housing.

1995 Geo Tracker change the theromstat and heater core no heat in the car when running water ain't flowing though the raditior with thermostat in it. but take it out the water flows so What is wrong?

sounds like you installed new thermostat upside down if that's not the problem, you have wrong or faulty new thermostat to test thermostat out of vehicle, place in pot of boiling water and watch to see if thermostat opens

Where is the water temperature sensor located on a 1985 Chevy Full size pickup truck?

if its a305,or 350 it is located intake by the thermostat housing.or in the t-stat housing

Where is the water temp sensor located on a 1985 4x4 22R Toyota Pickup?

I can't remember exactly, but it's on the intake manifold side of things. It is be pretty obviously threaded into a water passage if you look around by where the thermostat is.

Why was water running in boiler when thermostat off?

The thermostat controls only the temperature of the water.

How do you change the thermostat on a ford galaxy?

The thermostat is inside of the water inlet on top of the motor. Disconnect the top water hose, then unbolt the water inlet. The thermostat can then be changed.

Why is my alpha romeo 156 overheating even though theres water and oil in place?

You're Thermostat may possibly be stuck in the closed position, therefore not allowing coolant (water/antifreeze) to pass through to the engine. Basically check your thermostat is working.

How do you install Thermostat?

Remove the top water line from the radiator to the water pump. The thermostat is found there.