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It could be a case of overcrowding which is something an orthodontist can fix. Or it could be a lack of flossing and gum massage. You should consult a dentist if flossing doesn't help strengthen the gums, it could be something more serious like gum disease. The sooner the better as so many people leave their teeth to decay rather than overcoming their fears of seeing a dentist.

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Q: Why would the front four adult teeth in your mouth feel like they aren't tight into your gums?
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How many teeth in the adult mouth?

There are 32 teeth in the adult mouth There are 32 teeth in the adult mouth There are only 31 teeth in my mouth

What are the teeth at the front of a person's mouth called?

There are twelve cutting teeth at the front of the mouth. There are 8 incisors (front teeth) and 4 cuspids or canine teeth (also known as eyeteeth).The two middle teeth at the top and bottom of the mouth are called central incisors. The teeth adjacent to the central Incisors are called lateral incisors. The pointed teeth to either side of the incisors are the cuspids.

How many teeth are in a mouth?

baby teeth there are 20. Adult teeth 32

Why do you lose your baby teeth?

Because adult teeth would be too large to fit in a baby's mouth, and baby teeth are too small to work practically in an adult mouth.

How many teeth do we have?

The average adult has a total of 32 teeth including wisdom teeth.

What are the back teeth called?

Starting from the back of the human mouth: Wisdom teeth (in adults over around 21), molars and premolars are at the sides. The canines, then incisors are at the front.

Number of adult canine teeth?

There are two on top and two on the bottom part of the mouth, so four total. There are four canine teeth in the adult mouth.

How many teeth in a person mouth?

For a full grown adult, there is 36 teeth in total.

What are the inscisors teeth for?

They are the teeth at the front of your mouth and are used for cutting/shearing.

What do inscisor teeth do?

They are the teeth at the front of your mouth and are used for cutting/shearing.b

How many teeth are in an adult teeth?

THere are thirty-two teeth total in an adult mouth. However, twenty eight are fine too. the four remaing are the Wisdom teeth, which often have to be removed due to over crowd in the mouth, or just never develope or come through the gum.

32 equals T in an AM?

32 Teeth in an Adult Mouth