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Q: Why wont floor 72 on the game 100 Floors not open?
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Why wont the candles go out in floor 85 of 100 Floors?

You have to press on the flames, not the candles.See related link below for screenshots.

What is the last dungeon in Pokemon Blue rescue team?

I am not sure for after you beat the game but before you beat the game it is sky tower. Which is I think 25-30 floors. The boss is Rayquazza who will stop a falling star from hitting the earth after you beat it. meteor cave the boss is deoxys and it has 20 floors there are ghosts that look like deoxys but are ghosts and the floors stairs stairs wont apear until you beat the ghost on each floor just one each floor and real deoxys will join your team.

When bleeding the brakes on a 93 Chevy 1500 what do you do when the peddle will not go to the floor?

If bleeding rears and bleeder is open and peddle wont go to the floor try a front bleeder to see if you get results. what did you do to have to bleed them?

How do you get through sky pillar 2nd floor sapphire?

you'll need a mach bike. when u get to the cracked floors u use your bike go full speed over them and u wont fall through

Why your Game Wont Open After Beating The Elite Four?

The game does open after beating the Elite Four. You simply select Continue, and you will be back at your house after you have beaten the Elite Four and Champion. :3

What do you do if Nancy drew central wont pop up?

Go in to my documents find the game you want to play right click and if it says open or play at the top click on that it should open the game

In blue Rescue Team how many floors does solar cave?

none i wont no

How do you add flooring to a new floor when it wont let you Sims 3?

Technically you need to purchase (buy) it with points. If it doesnt let you the something is wrong with the game or your computer has a virus. If you dowload the game before it is purchased in EA games then you game might be hacked. Please ! You dont need new floor your old one is better!!

Why wont your clutch work?

my clutch went to the floor what happened?

Can you paint or varnish laminate floors?

The melamine and aluminum oxide wont let the finish stay long term and it wont look good in the short term either.

How can you open your Xbox 360's disc drive when it has 3 Red Rings?

Here is what you do bring it to game stop and tell them that it wont open and tell them it has the red ring of fire and hopefully they will help you

How do you open the bonnet on your seat arosa its stuck?

bonnet wont open with leaver how can I get it open?