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There is a problem with the 'wig/wag', the device that switches transmission into spin/drain. They are not difficult to repair. Google it or look on YouTube.

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Q: Why won't the Whirlpool type 111.05 washer spin or drain?
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my washer keep on by passing the spin cycle and will not drain out the water.?

my washer keep on by passing the spin cycle and will not drain out the water.

How do you spin dry whirlpool washer duet?

A big red alien comes down from the sky and zaps your washer and then it spin drys!

Ge washer wont spin or drain?

check the lid switch it is under the top of the washer and is usually activated by a pin attached to the lid of the washer

What could cause gurgling and soap back up in toilet bowl when washer is on spin cycle?

A blocked drain.

Why doesn't my Whirlpool washer agitate or spin?

As a Whirlpool service technician to answer your question one would need to know the age of your washer, as design has changed over the years. It could be a simple as you are not closing the lid to as complex as a bad wire. There is an arm that rocks back & forth called the "wig-wag". It has 2 solenoids with plungers on it. These plungers operate the transmission of your washer. There is a pin that goes through the plunger foot that has a tendency to break. If it breaks, your washes will fill & drain but won't agitate or spin. I have found that replacing the pin with a cotter pin from a hardware store costs about 15 cents & about 1/2 an hour tops!

Causes of a washer not draining.?

There are several things that could be causing a washer not to drain. The first and most simple explanation would be a clog in the hose. Another reason could be the latch to the lid is not closing tightly and therefore not allowing the washer to spin and drain. It could also be a broken belt or pump.

Why does a whirlpool spin counter clockwise?

becaus its gravity spin it counter clocckwise

Does the naruto whirlpool spin anticlockwise or clockwise?


Why does your Whirlpool washer make a clunking noise and wont spin all the way out?

this usually happens because the weight of the cloths in the machine arnt distributed evenly or there are just too many close in that load.

What is a song that resembles a whirlpool?

Dead or alive - You spin me round. You spin me right round baby right round like a record (or whirlpool) baby right round, round round.

Whirlpool washer noise during spin cycle?

Its the clothes because you get them all dirty or maybe tooooo dirty,unless u just probally put so much soap or washing powder it cant take in too much

What happens to the velocity of the whirling washer when you shortened the string?

maybe if you spin the spring washer and its shortened the washer move is verry fast.