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Q: Why should you maintain a healthy lifestyle?
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How can you maintain a healthy lifestyle?

To maintain a healthy lifestyle, you should eat healthy and exercise. How many times you exercise per week is up to you, but 3 or more times is ideal. Eating plenty of fruits and vegetables is a good road to take.

Why mantain a healthy lifestyle?

It is very important to maintain a healthy lifestyle. This will ensure that the body functions properly and you will not have frequent health problems.

How do you maintain a healthy lifestyle while still in school?

You eat healthy and play a school sport

How a healthy lifestyle helps?

If you live and maintain a healthy lifestyle you will feel stronger and happier both mentally and physically. You will also have less health problems and will live longer

How many cups of fruits and vegetables do children need to eat everyday in order to maintain a healthy lifestyle?

They should eat a bowl of fruits and a bowl of vegetables

Should you have junk food or a healthy lifestyle?

you should have a healthy lifestyle so that the risk of you getting diabidy (might be misspelled)and having to get a shot everyday

What are the principles of blood pressure maintenance?

A healthy blood pressure is 120/80. In order to achieve proper blood pressure maintenance one should follow all the rules of a healthy lifestyle: Exercise and healthy eating, especially refraining from too much sodium. When a healthy lifestyle is not enough, one may have to resort to medication in order to maintain a healthy blood pressure.

In addition to taste buds what should also guide your eating habits?

Eating habits should be guided by what is healthy in general, as well as what is healthy for each particular person. Some people can maintain a healthy lifestyle eating anything they want, and some require a specific diet, or more fruits and vegetables, or a vegetarian diet. Eating habits are determined by the lifestyle of each particular person.

What are the benefits of jogging?

Weight loss, and it can help you maintain a healthy heart. Not necessarilly jogging in particular, but exericise a crucial part to having a healthy lifestyle.

What is a maintain?

Maintained diet consists fixed proportion of carbs, fats and proteins. This is very important to maintain a healthy lifestyle and keep weight in control. A person should always have at least 2,000 calorie diet every day.

What is your 7th health skill that will help you achieve maintain and protect your health?

Yoga and living a healthy and active lifestyle.

How you can practice healthy lifestyle?

You can have a healthy lifestyle by having a proper diet and regular exercise. You should also follow the right food pyramid :D ..