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Polyurethane should be put onto a hardwood floor because without it, it can be sensitive to moisture damage and scratching.

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Q: Why should sealer be put on a Hardwood Floor?
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What color of hardwood floor can you put with a pine ceiling?


Can you put water base sealer over oil base sealer?

if you put a oil base floor sealer over water base you will find the top coat will flake and peal off your new floor. You need to wait 30 days before applying the oil base sealer to reduce your chances of peeling.

How do you know if the floors in your house are hardwood?

Nowadays, "hardwood" is a generic term used for any type of wood flooring. Woods such as pine are considered soft woods but are still used as "hardwood" flooring. In my experience any floor that has finished wood covering the surface is a hardwood floor. The term is used more loosely today. 50 years ago, a "hardwood" floor meant maple, in almost all cases. Today, man-made laminate "wood" might be called a "hardwood" floor, but flooring that is actual pieces of wood will almost always be called a "hardwood" floor. The "finish" floor in most construction nowadays is plywood. The flooring - wood, vinyl, carpeting, whatever - is put down over that.

What type of hardwood floor can be laid on concrete heated floor?

An engineered hardwood floor can be floated or glued-down directly to the floor.Someone has changed the original question, or added it to this question, for what reason I have no clue.Question; Can you put underfloor heating under hardwood floorsYes, thousands of homes have radiant heat that runs in between the floor joist of a home.This is done underneath the floor and sub floor and if you where in the basement, when you look up between the floor joist, you would see the heat lines. This is accomplishedwith the use of a boiler. The lines do not throw off massive heat that would cause the hardwood floor to warp or buckle.

How much weight can hardwood flooring support between joists?

Typically you would not put hardwood flooring directly over the joists. You should first put down a subfloor.

Should you put a sealer on concrete flooring?

Yes, so that the concrete doesn't break or split.

Is it possible for a bookshelf to move across hardwood floor?

you can take apart the shelf and move it or lift it up and put something underneath with wheels to role across

Can you put hardwood floor over carpet padding?

No, carpet pad is both taller and softer then pads meant for floating laminate and wood floors. No pad of any kind should be used on any other type of wood installation.

Do you have to strip off old sealer from travertine tiles before you put on new sealer?

Yes, it is extremely important that you do.

What to use to clean hardwood floors.?

you can use only hardwood floor cleaners to maintain and clean you wood flooring. You can use products like Bella Wood hardwood floor cleaner ,or Murphy Oil Soap which lets a pleasant homey fragrance and cleans very nicely.

How do you lay 18mm Brazilian hardwood floor over a terrazzo floor?

Do you mean solid hardwood? You should not install 3/4" solid hardwood directly on top of terrazzo, or concrete or tile. Solid hardwood is supposed to be nailed into 3/4" plywood. Now theoretically, you might be able to add 3/4" plywood in, if you can actually get it into the terrazzo. It is possible (but challenging) to add plywood into concrete using hilties, but it tends to be expensive and time consuming. Also, if you were to add plywood and solid hardwood, you would be raising your floor 1.5 inches. This may cause some height issues, especially for the doors (which might need to be shaved or replaced). If there is kitchen, this could cause height issues with appliances and/or cabinets. However, if you mean an engineered hardwood, it could be floated on top of the terrazzo. You put an underlayment underneath and then install the wood on top. If it is a clickable engineered wood, then you just click it in; if it isn't, then you would glue the joints together.

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