Why more time urine comes?

Updated: 9/18/2023
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Q: Why more time urine comes?
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How does urine produce?

Urine produces by your bladder and then it comes out.

What is best time of day for proper urine sample?

The best time of day for a proper urine sample is first thing in the morning. This is because the urine is more concentrated then.

How can you prove it is urine?

if it comes out your ...........

Is dog urine an acid?

Everybodies urine is an acid. That's why it comes out of you.

Can urine wash out sperm for a male after he comes?

i don,t think sperm comes out after one hour. sure not with urine

What can cause bumps where your urine comes out?

Infections like warts and herpes can cause bumps where the urine comes out (that is, around the urethral opening).

How much can you dilute urine for THC test and not raise suspicion?

You can't dilute urine, because the only thing you'd have to dilute it with is tap water, and that would show up on the urinalysis. Urine does not contain H2O. It's been chemically changed by the time it comes out as urine.

Is the fluid during sex urine that comes from a woman?

No, it is the equivalent of the mans ejaculation and is still called cum. Urine comes out of the clit area and the cum comes out of the vagina area.

Is clear urine always diluted?

clear urine is pure urine the same as coloured urine is colured urine. if it comes out of the end of the uereretra it is pure. Under normal cicumstances.

What is that thing that comes out of boys privates?


What is the place where your urine comes out?

The urethral opening.

What does it mean if you have nitrites in your urine and no leukocytes?

Mostly urine performing time less then two hours . If urine perform after two hour or more late then bacteria growth in the urine and urine container. when this urine perform time nitrites positive because late perform urine bacteria growth. But not found of leukocyte in microscopically in this urine . this urine repeated and perform under timing then not positive nitrites and not found in leukocyte in urine. Airf Hussain (M.Sc. Hematology&Blood Bank)