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Q: Why it is important to get enogh sleep?
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Do Indian get enogh sleep?

Not all Indians get enough sleep. Statistics indicate that about 10% of the Indian population suffers from various disorders that are traced back to lack of enough sleep.

How do you spell the word enogh?


Is your peius big enogh?


Is sleep important for a tween?

Of course! sleep is important for every living thing.

How dangerous is a sessile polyp?

dangerous enogh

Why was Hypnos important to ancient Greeks?

Hypnos was the god of sleep. Sleep is important to human health.

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i think a child should get old enogh to do that when there about 11-12 but unless you think the child is mucher enogh

Why is sleep important for the brain?

it isn't

Is 8 hours sleep is important or sleeping in night is important?

I made a special YouTube video on this topic if you're interested. Go on YouTube and search for Doctor Oleg why is sleeping so important. Hope it will answer your question.

Why sleep imporant?

Sleep is important to your body to help keep your strenth and energy up.

Is eight old enogh to have a Facebook?

no. you have to be 13 years or older to have a Facebook account

What percent of America recycles paper?

i DONT KNOW but i do know it's not enogh