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If you are a healthy adult, you need between 7.5 and 9 hours of sleep a night, according to the National Institutes of Health. While you sleep, adenosine depletes again. If you are not sleeping enough, high quantities will remain in your blood, making you feel constantly drowsy.

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Q: Why it is bad for you to sleep for less than six hours a day?
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How many hours of sleep does a 33 year old woman need?

An average of 8 hours sleep per night is a reasonable amount of sleep.

What is the duration of The Bad Sleep Well?

The duration of The Bad Sleep Well is 2.52 hours.

How many lessons do Germans have at school?

22 hours because they only get 2 hours of sleep and if they sleep for more than 2 hours, they get a really bad punishment but no one has had that punishment before. You are the one who told me this answer.

Is sleeping good or bad for you?

Sleeping is totally good unless you are sleeping too much. 8 hours is a normal sleeping time period for people. If you sleep more than that everyday you may want to see a doctor, and if you sleep less than 7 you may want to go to the doctor's.

Why is it bad to get little sleep?

The less sleep, the less focused you are. Study shows that teenagers require atleast 9 Hours of sleep when they're only getting about 7 or less. Also, it is good to eat a balanced breakfast or atleast some ham and cheese. That way, your brain will think that you ate and keep you active during school.

Is sleeping 4 hours a day bad?

A human most to sleep 8 hours in a day

How is too much sleep bad for you?

Too much sleep is definitely bad for you, it makes you gain weight. And you are also missing out on meals, and when you get up your going to just want to eat, it wont be in different portions. I recommend 8-10 hours of sleep every night. However, if we sleep 7 hours a day, that can also be bad for us. I sleep 9 hours every night, and I have woke up healthy for the past 29 years. Just sleep for 8-10 hours every night, and everything will be just right :)

Why won't my 99 Passat start after I shut it off for less than 4 hours?

engine temp sensor is bad

If I go to sleep late say 2 am everyday but still get 8 hrs of sleep is it still bad for me What hormone is typically secreted at night that is bad for you?

it's recommended that you do have eight hours of sleep but you need to have at least a nice break from exact amount of hours of sleep everyday or your body will only function in the hours you use because if you goto sleep at 2am everyday after a while your body will run exactly between those hours so you can't sleep earlyer

Is it seriously bad that you only get 3 hours of sleep a night because you can not sleep at even if your not tired?

Yes, it is. Your body does need rest.

Why do you feel bad in the mornings?

Because we don't care to sleep in the night. Do all the things on the time then all the work be good. Sleeping at least 6 hours is important . If any one sleeps for greater than 8 hours , it is bad and not good for health. Sleeping in the night is important to feel good in the morning. Thank you.

Is it bad for you to not get the right amount fo sleep?

Refrain from napping after school. Keep yourself active until you are dead tired. Give yourself 8 hours of sleep every night. Depending on certain people, sometimes getting more, or getting less can cause you to be tired. After 8 hours of sleep, you should feel refreshed. And remember, taking a nap DOES NOT make up for the sleep you already lost. You're just setting off your sleep cycle.