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The enzymes in nasal mucus change the way humans perceive smells. Without the enzymes, the smells cannot be identified by our brains.

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Q: Why is mucous important for smell?
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Is there still a smell to step throat with out tonsil?

Yes, but very faint. Better to check for grrenish tinge in mucous spit up.

Why are cilia in the trachea important?

These are tiny "fingers" which move mucous. The mucous is sticky and traps dust, pollen and other particles. Together the cilia move the mucous out of the lungs. If this didn't happen these things trapped in the mucous would cause damage to the lungs and a person would have breathing difficulties over time.

What are the two most important factors that clear mucous from the airways?

Cilia clear mucus from your airways.

What are the types of membranes lining cavities that communicate with the exterior of the body?

Mucous Membrane

Why is Indonesia so important?

you smell

What do bright colors generally represent when observed on frogs?

The mucous the frog secretes from its skin typically has a foul smell and is usually a poison to help ward off predators.

Why is it important to breath through your nose?

The nose and nasal passages have hairs and mucous designed to filter the air.

Which membrane is adapted for absorbtion and secretion?

Mucous Membrane

What best describes a mucous cell?

Mucous cells are cells which secrete mucous. They are usually found in mucous membranes. Mucous is a slippery product made from glycoproteins and water.

Mucous is the substance secreted by the mucous membranes?

believe it or not, mucous membranes secrete mucous. It helps protect the respiratory system (or whichever system the mucous membrane you're referring to is in).

WHAT CAUSE mucous cell?

mucous solute

What sticks to the cilia?

Mucous, made by mucous glands, stick to the cilia of cells that are found in the mucous membranes.