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Q: Why is it important to drink a lot of water when it is hot?
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Why is it important to drink lots of water on a hot day?

It is important because you may dehydrate it is very important so if the temp. is like 100-140 be sure to keep cool and drink lot's of water.

Why is it important to drink a lot of water when you exercising?

To keep you alive :3

Why is it important to drink a lot of water when it is hot especially if you are working or playing sport in the sun?

Being active in hot weather means sweating and perspiring. This lose of body fluids can result in dehydration which can be a threat to a person's health. Drinking water or other liquids can help prevent dehydration.

Is it possible to drink 10 liters of water in a day?

Probably if you were working outside on a very hot day and sweating a lot.

When are the sun's rays the strongest during the day?

I believe the strongest rays of the sun are from 12 pm to circa 3 pm. but its important to wear sunscreen and drink a lot of water at all times when it's hot.

Why important is it to drink a lot of water?

water is important because life cannot survive without water . water plays an important role in structure and metabolism of living organisms. water use for drinking as well as many other purposes.

Why is it important to drink a lot of fluid?

It is important to drink lots of fluids if you are exercising outside on a hot or humid day. This prevents you from becoming dehydrated. Also, drinking lots of fluids while sick can help speed up the healing process.

What do slothes drink?

some time sloth drink water a lot

Why is it important to drink when taking part in sport?

to prevent dehydration. In sports you loss a lot of body fluid and this need to be replaced by drinking a lot of water.

Do komodo dragons drink a lot of water?

yes it does need a lot of water

How much do adult elephants drink water?

Elephants drink a lot of water. They can suck up around 15 litres of water in their trunk in one go. During hot summers they can drink around 100 litres or more water in one sitting. They usually stay close to water sources like lakes and rivers and drink once or twice a day.

How much water do you drink?

A lot