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Q: Why is it bad when your body goes into shock?
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What is the bodies reaction to cold water shock?

Body goes into shock

Passing out from a lip piercing?

happens cause your body goes into shock after the piercing. happened to me..

If you were wearing rubber soled shoes why would you get a shock?

Even rubber is bad conductor of electricity, our body will not resist the high voltage. rubber will minimise the shock but will not avoid the shock

Is blood shunting a dangerous situation in which the vital oragns shut down and the body goes into circulatory shock?


What is compensated shock?

There are several ways the body goes through shock; Compensated shock occurs when the body expects to see or feel something that will either frighten or cause the body pain, and the body prepares itself for this sudden event- muscles tighten, heart rate increases and gets that "dropped" feeling. When the event does not happen, your body still must go into shock in order to avoid injury from the sudden loosening of muscles ans raised rate.

What is the meaning of sugar shock?

the meaning of a sugar shock is were you have too much sugar in your body and your body natrually has a shock!!!

Is bad to shock yourself?

Yes It Is Bad

How long does it take to come out of a shock?

It depends how bad the shock is !!

Which goes first in order aftershock fore shock and earthquake?

1) fore shock 2) earthquake shock 3) after shock

What happens inside the human body when it gets a shock?

If we got an electric shock inside our human body our body will be

What is acid shock and how does it work?

Acid shock is when giant acid monkeys come in and scare you really bad and you go into a terrible shock. You are scared so bad that you then die.

Why do swimmers use the small pool off to the side?

It is warm water. They go into the warm water to avoid shock. When they go into water for practice or something, their body temperature goes down quite significantly. It is important for them to raise the body temperature to the normal level to avoid shock.