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Its loading.

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Q: Why does your screen go blank when you play WolfQuest?
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Why does my screen go blank when I play WolfQuest?

Its probably a firewall, or a glitch. if you un-install and then re-install it and it doesn't work, your computer most likely isn't compatible. If its a netbook of under 800x by 600x, then it needs bigger screen. Hope this helped.

Is WolfQuest free?

Yesyes go to to download and play

Why is it when I play Wolf Quest I cant read the words?

go to wolfquest community once there go to wolfquest FAQ then once in look for The Game Technical maybe you will find what your looking for there

How could you make a wordle without the screen becoming blank?

If the screen goes blank when you click go that means you never put an installation called UnistalActiveX

Why does Screen go black but computer still on?

it goes blank because it is not been used

When will Wolfquest 2 be out?

Edit:It is already out!!Go to the wolfquest website to GET IT NOW!!!!

How do you mute wolfquest?

you need to get off wolfquest go to the bottom right of the screen click the arrow that points to the left and look for the thing that looks like a speaker and click on it and a mute button will show up and you click on the square and it will check it and it is muted.

What website do you have to go on to play wolfquest?

You must download and install the game in order to play it. You will only need to register on the WolfQuest forums if you're looking to play multiplayer or talk/ask questions about it on the forums. To download the game, go to >> click 'Get the Game' and download from there. Alternatively, see the links in the sources/links section below.

How do you record while playing wolfquest?

WolfQuest does not have any in-built screen recorders; just a screenshot function (pressing F1). To record your screen, you will need a screen recorder. Popular screen recorders- - Hypercam2 - Camtasia (allows HQ sound recording directly from the machine, though it is premium) - Fraps There are more, but these are the only three I know offhand.

How do you hunt at night on wolfquest?

you cant on wolfquest 1. but you can on wolfquest 2. go to the cattle ranch in slough creek but you can only go to a cattle ranch (on single player) after you have your pups. then you can choose to go to the ranch or not. the descrption on the game will tell you the rest. have fun on wolfquest!

Where do you go to begin WolfQuest?

You can go to the website

How do you get wolfquest 2.5.1?

To get WolfQuest 2.5.1, first go to I think that on the website, it has a big button stating, "Play Now!" Then click that button and follow the instructions. WolfQuest is safe and fun, and the new version included laying down, sitting, wagging tail, howling, etc.!