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because think about how many times you bat ur eyelids from 10am to 11pm ... gosh jus thinking about it makes me tiredddd..

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Q: Why does your eyes feel heavy when you tired?
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What part of the eye causes your eyes to feel tired?

Your eyelids.

What is the effect of computer games to students?

It makes them feel mentally lazy and their eyes tired.

If you get a lot of sleep will it reduce bags under your eyes?

Not always but you do need sleep when you feel tired.

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Why do you feel dizzy and heavy eyes?

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What does it mean when your eyes feel tired all the time and you feel like there is a slight pressure behind them and like you need to blink all the time?

You might need to have youre eyes checked. Go to an opthamologist.

What is the consequences of a user using drugs?

Depends on the drug i smoke weed makes my eyes feel tired and gives me the munchies

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Tired dizzy and feel sick?

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