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If you already have an issue with bad breath, then after brushing it becomes more noticeable because brushing your teeth make your mouth dryer, and a dry mouth has worse breath.

I usually either just chew some gum or drink something till it wears off. However, those are only temporary solutions; I'm pretty sure the only way to "fix" the bad breath after brushing, is to either find a special tooth paste, (I've heard they exist, but I haven't seen them personally,) or to just keep up with the brushing. Mouth wash might also help.

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Q: Why does your breath smell worse after brushing?
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How do you get the smell out of your mouth after throwing up when brushing you teeth doesnt help?

mouth wash or breath mints

Why does breath smell?

Breath smells because of the sent of your food will stay in your mouth the only way to get it out is brushing your teeth because it removes and replace the sent with the sent of tooth past you use.

How do you prevent morning breath?

Brush teeth make sure you have no cavity's or throat infections and don't eat thing with a disagreeable smell.

Is rinsing with mouthwash good before singing?

It is not necessary but it would be nice so that when you are singing people do not smell your breath. You could resort to other things such as brushing with toothpaste or even having a mint to freshen up your breath. Hope this helps.

Can not brushing after eating cause bad breath?

Yes, Defenitely. Not Brushing after eating causes bacteria to build up and directly causes bad breath and rotten teeth.

You had your dogs teeth cleaned and he still has bad breath?

What would your breath smell like if you never brushed your teeth. Well, a dog needs regular brushing as well. Dental hygene is necessary for dogs and cats just like for us. Try brushing the dogs teeth more often, and also have your dog checked for worms. Sometimes a dog having worms can cause hellacious breath. Check with your vet.

How does gum keep your breath fresh?

It temporarilly covers up smell but dude plz keep brushing dont just chew ok lol jk= }

How do you make your breath fresh?

brush your teeth you rottenness don't chew gum cuz it makes your breath smell like mint and then smell worse than it used to. using mouthwash doesnt help and it tastes AWFUL!! so i guess u just have to brush your teeth. a lot.

What is the benefit of teeth brushing?

haha, um the benefit is to prevent building up plaque on your teeth and to keep them shiny, white, clean and your breath wont smell, if you dont believe me, than ask your dentist.

What causes sickly smelling breath?

The food you eat and not brushing your teeth

When you kiss someone can they smell your breath?

They cant smell it but they can taste it

What do gay men breath smell like?

Their breath smells like the breath of any other man. If they ate mints, it'll smell minty. If they smoked a cigarette, it'll smell like cigarettes, etc.