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Q: Why does your blood not clot properly all of a sudden. you are 46 years old?
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The sudden blockage of a blood vessel by an embolous is known as an?

blood clot

Why can a blood clot stop an organ from working properly?

clot will create block in blood vessels. so that oxygen and exchange of sodium, potassium and calcium can not done properly

What is an inherited disease in which the blood does not clot properly?


Blood clot suddenly blocks a vessel in the lungs?

A pulmonary embolism is a sudden blockage in a lung artery, usually due to a blood clot that traveled to the lung.

What is the main effect of vitamin K deficiency?

blood doesn't clot properly

What causes unclotted blood?

The clotting factor of blood is referred to as platelets. When someone's body does not produce enough platelets, their blood may not clot properly.

How do you use hemophilia in sentence?

The Tsarevich Alexei's blood failed to clot properly, leading to a diagnosis of hemophilia.

What is a blood clot that is traveling?

An embolus is a wandering blood clot.

What forms blood clot?

its blood that's got alot of clot

What kind of deafness Can result from a blood clot in the primary auditory cortex?

A blood clot in any part of the brain can result in a stroke. It may also cause local damage, reducing or removing the ability to hear properly.

Can a blood clot in your cheek be removed and is a blood clot in your cheek life threatening?

A blood clot in your cheek is life threatening and you would have to have surgery for the clot to be removed.

A stationary blood clot is called?

stationary clot is called a thrombus or a blood clot.