Why does your big toe pop?

Updated: 9/16/2023
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HMMM...because it cannot,"MOM?"

Gas in joints makes them pop...

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Q: Why does your big toe pop?
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Is your little toe lateral or distal to the big toe?

No the little toe is lateral to the big toe, and so the big toe is medial to the little toe.

Is middle toe medial to the big toe?

your middle toe is your big fat face loser ha ha ha

What is a divergent big toe?

big left toe

Why is your big toe little?

the big toe is just a name.

How do you do say big toe in Chinese?

da zhow big toe

What is a divergent toe?

big left toe

Is yourbig toe a toe?

Yes, hence the name "big toe"

What is the big toe or big digits in animals called?

The equivalent for big toe or big digit in animals is called Hallux

What is big toe?

A big toe is the largest of the toes of a human and some other animals.

Calcium deposit under big toe?

Not under the BIg Toe but in the ball joint.

What did the big toe say to the little toe?

there's a big heel following us.

Is the big toe a toe?

Yes it is a toe just like the thumb is a fingeryes!