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Need more specifics on this question. What isn't locking in? does the transfer case lock in? Do you have aftermarket hubs? Sometimes you need to make a full tire rotation backwards for the hubs to lock. The hubs could be broken inside.

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Q: Why does your 1994 gmc four wheel drive not lock in?
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2001 kia sportage will not lock into four wheel drive says it in four wheel drive but front wheels dont pull or lock in?

2001 kia sportage will not lock into four wheel say it in four wheel drive but front wheels dont pull or lock in

Is four-wheel-drive the same as all-wheel-drive?

Yes, assuming the car has four wheels, four-wheel-drive is the same thing as all-wheel-drive. Not always, four wheel drive provides a positive lock between the front and rear axles. All wheel drive has a differential between them most of the time.

What causes the front axles to lock up causing the vehicle not to move when you put a 1994 Isuzu Trooper into four wheel drive?

a srrewed up axle, tranny, or somethnig is binding.

How can you lock in the four wheel drive on a 95 dodge ram when the actuator stops working?

With a hanger

How do you lock front hubs?

If you have lock outs or free spinning front hubs, you turn the center of each front hub to lock them in. If you don't have lock outs, they lock in when you put it in four wheel drive. To unlock them, take it out of four wheel and slowly back up 3 to 5 feet.

How do you put a Dodge Journey 2009 into four wheel lock?

There is no option for four wheel lock on a Journey.

How does four wheel drive vacuum hubs work?

if your referring to the Roberts diff lock its manifold Vacuum created by the engine and this works in a piston arrangement to lock the diffs

Why does your 1996 dodge Dakota grind in four wheel drive?

Sounds like a bad transfer case....give more detail...does it lock into 4x4? Will it drive?

How can you get your 1987 Toyota SR5 into four wheel drive?

if it has manual hubs lock both of them in out side on the front tires they should be red. if not go inside and shift the lever to 4hi or 4Lo to put it in 4 wheel drive

My Land Rover discovery is stuck in four wheel drive?

I'm going to have to assume you either mis-stated the question or are making a joke. Land Rovers are ALL full-time 4 wheel drive. there is no 2 wheel drive mode. Or did you mean that it was stuck in differential lock mode?

What is the advantage of a four-wheel drive vs a six-wheel drive?

Four wheel drive tends to be lighter, and less complex.. with a six wheel drive (such as in the M35, M39, M913, etc. series military trucks), you usually have to have an interaxle differential lock. In normal operations, tandem axle trucks, such as dump trucks, tractor trailers, etc. only have one axle which drives them forward. When they need to, the driver can engage the differential lock to engage the second drive axle. On a 6x6 truck, such as the type described above, the transfer case would be used to engage the front axle.

If you remove all the tumblers from the ignition lock cylinder on a 1994 Saturn SC2 can you still start and drive the car but just not have a lockable ignition and steering wheel?

Should be correct