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Q: Why does urine smell strong after eating aspargus?
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Describe the odor of the urine of a person with ketosis?

A strong urine smell

Can the smell of cat urine make you sick?

It can, if you have a strong sense of smell.

Can a cold cause urine to smell strong?

A cold can indeed cause urine to smell strong. This is because the body is getting rid of unwanted sickness.

Why would your urine smell strong?

The longer you hold in your urine, the stronger it will smell due to the extra amount of waste.

Does a dog in heat have a strong smell to their urine?


Do all mice have strong urine?

Males have a strong smell, females have a lesser of smell.

What does Enterobacter aerogenes smell like?

Urine after eating asparagus

What is the association of a Herniated scrotum and strong urine smell?


What is a sea animal with a strong smell?

Fish release a very strong ammine smell. It really is its own urine, you might know.

Why is my cats urine smell so strong?

Well, any urine from anyone is going to smell, but male cats' urine is especially potent because, if they are not spayed, they use it to mark their territories. The unique smell of the individual cat's urine declares to intruders that they own the territory.

Why is the urine of donkeys and horses are so pungent?

Usually the odour of a female horse or donkey will have a strong smell when they are in heat. The male will be able to smell the hormones in the urine, and signal that she is ready for breeding.

Is ammonia odorless?

No. Ammonia has a very strong smell. It is partly responsible for the odor of stale urine.