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it has herbs in it. especially from India

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Q: Why does toothpast seem to 'burn' your mouth like spicy food?
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What can burn the eyes sting the mouth yet be eaten?

onions or hot pepper

Can spicy food burn a hole in your stomach?

No. There is evidence that spicy food cannot burn a hole in your stomach. It's proven.

Does lemon soda help cool your mouth after eating spicy foods?

it really depends how spicy the food is, if its very spicy it will help but not very well, with less spicy foods it propably will cool your mouth quite well, if you really wanted to cool your mouth down after spicy food the best thing would be milk :P

Why did people think that spicy foods raise your metabosim?

Spicy food tend to generate heat and raise body metabolism. You burn more calories when you are sweating or extremely hot.

Can you harm yourself with hot food?

Yes, if you mean hot in temperature or hot in spice. For temperature, if you spill it on yourself you can blister your skin or if you eat it while it's too hot you can burn the inside of your mouth or throat. Too much hot spicy food can give you indigestion or diarrhea.

Is Colombian food spicy?

Sometimes it is spicy. All cultures have at least one food that is spicy.

Is fijian food spicy?

Fijians tend to have spicy food

How long does it take to react to spicy foods?

Depending on the persons resistances to spicy food it can take between 10 seconds and 10 mins to react. Sometimes it starts once the food has passed through the mouth and sometimes it doesn't start until it has reached the digestive track.

Is spain's food spicy?

No it is not spicy it is rather used in herbs

How can you keep from chewing on the inside of your mouth?

Pour salt on your gums every time you bite, the pain will teach you not to. That's what my mom taught me... Or every time you do eat spicy food. You'll eventually learn to not do it anymore. On the lighter side: Or else you'll learn to love spicy food!

Why isn't Afghan food spicy?

Afghan food can be really spicy, or not spicy at all. Every family/individual adds their own "secret ingredient." I'm afghan and the afghan food I make is really spicy because that is what i like. :)

How do you say spicy in Hindi?

Spicy in hindi can be said as 'TEEKHA'. It is the expression for the spicy food.