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What you see is the sun's light being reflected off it. This is the same for any satellite. As it passes it first starts to reflect more light at you so it gets brighter, and then it starts to reflect less light and slowly appears to fade away. It doesn't have any flashing lights, which is how you know it is a satellite and not a plane. It is the largest man made object orbiting us, so it is the brightest satellite. You can see other satellites in the same way, brightening up and then fading away, but as they are smaller, they reflect less light back and don't look as bright.

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Q: Why does the international space station look like a star?
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What does a international space station look like from earth?

a little bright light in the sky .x

What does the inside of a space station look like?

The inside of a space station look like pretty much looks like the inside of an air plane. It actually resembles the cockpit in an aircraft.

What makes the space station so bright?

The International Space Station and all satellites reflect light from the sun towards Earth. If the light is being directed towards where you are they look very bright. As the International Space Station is the largest object orbiting around the Earth, it reflects more light than anything else so it can look the brightest.

What does a gym in space look like?

Right now there are no gyms in space. The shuttle and the space station have tredmills though.

What do you look like to the astronauts on the space station?

They cannot see you, you are too small

What is the The International Space Station made of?

Metal and a lot of crazy tech if you think the i-phone is good take a look at the ISS!!

How do you use arc in a sentence?

If you look up at the right time, you can see the International Space Station arc across the sky.

What is the international space station made of?

Metal and a lot of crazy tech if you think the i-phone is good take a look at the ISS!!

What does the interior of the space station look like?

Last time I was there, it had lots of buttons and knobs and there wasn't a lot of space.

What are the job on the International Space Station?

Experiment with animals, look out of the window, see Moon, see Earth, want me to list everything?

What does the Hubble space station look for?

Deep space Objects!

Why did they make the international space station?

They made the international space station, because astronauts in earth orbit, can do experiments and learn stuff, they could not do on the planet. They can study outer space more easily, when there are no clouds blocking the view. They can look down at the earth and study pollution and weather much better from outer space. A space station has more room than the 3rd stage of a Saturn V moon rocket that was used for the Skylab space station in 1973. Having people in orbit offers many opportunities that being earth bound does not.