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same density ?

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Q: Why does one teaspoon of salt and one teaspoon of sugar weigh the same?
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Does three scoops of salt weigh the same amount as three scoops of sugar in the same volume of water?

No, sugar is heavier than salt.

How much does one teaspoon from two teaspoon of salt affect the freeze point of tap water?

First of all, every teaspoon of salt will affect the freezing point exactly the same, as long as it dissolves, so the second teaspoon will affect it as much as the first. Secondly, it depends on how much water you use to dissolve the salt. The reason is that the freezing point depends on the concentration of the salt water. A very simplifed way to figure this out is to divide 0.001 by the number of cups of water you are using. This is a close estimate for how much one teaspoon of salt will decrease the freezing point. You can see that it takes a lot of salt to make a big change.

How many grams are in 163 teaspoons?

it depends on the content of the teaspoons, teaspoons measure volume , not weight example : a teaspoon of cooking oil doesn't weight the same as a teaspoon of sugar

How many grams in half a teaspoon?

Well, that depends entirely upon what you are measuring. Grams is a unit of mass and a teaspoon is a unit of volume. For instance: If you fill a teaspoon with water it's weight (mass x gravity) is very small. However, if you fill that same teaspoon with lead it would be much heavier. Seeing that gravity doesn't change, nor does the teaspoon...the only thing that changes is the mass (number of grams). So there isn't a set number of grams per teaspoon. It depends upon what you are measuring. This applies no mater how many Grams or teaspoons you are trying to convert.

How much does one grain of salt weigh?

That's an impossible question to answer, as each one of the 1 million grains of sand will all be a different size and density, making each one of them weigh a different amount. Because of this, no 1 million grains of sand will weigh the same amount.

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Does three scoops of salt weigh the same amount as three scoops of sugar in the same volume of water?

No, sugar is heavier than salt.

How many teaspoons in 49 grams?

This question makes no sense. Teaspoons are a measure of volume and grams are a measure of weight. Apples and Oranges. A teaspoon of sugar will not weigh the same as a teaspoon of water.

How would you make Diet Coke weigh the same as regular coke?

you could disolve salt/sugar into it.

Does salt or sugar effect how quick water boils?

I know salt does. I did an experiment at home. I took six cups water at 45degree f boiled it with no salt and it took 2 minutes longer to boil than six cups of water at the same temperature with a teaspoon of salt

Are all substances that look the same the same?

No, they are not.For example: table salt and table sugar.(household sugar and salt); salt is sodium chloride(NaCl), and sugar is sucrose(C12H22O2). Therefore no not all substances that look the same are the same.

When 5 teaspoon of salt are dissolved into 8 oz of water and 5 teaspoon of sugar are dissolved into 8 oz of water which 8 oz of water will make a egg rise first?

Either one would have the same effect. The reason for this is that when you dissolved the sugar or salt in the water, you changed the mass of the water. Now, the egg weighs less than what is in the glass and will float. Since you are adding the same amounts, the time it would take the egg to rise would be the same.

Is a sugar cube equal to a teaspoon?

A standard sugar cube is about the same amount as a teaspoon. But if you need the exact cooking measurement of 1 tsp: The volume of one sugar-cube is equal to one teaspoon or 1/48 cups. It is a unit of measure for volume only.

What will dissovling first sugar or salt?

They will dissolve at basically the same time. It depends on the size of crystal of the sugar and salt.

Does salt and sugar have the same mass?

Bulk white sugar weighs 880 kilograms/cubic meter. Bulk table salt weighs 1154 kilograms/cubic meter. So no, salt and sugar don't have the same mass. Further They do not have the same density. 1 kilo of sugar has the same mass as 1 kilo of salt.

Can a dog eat 1 teaspoon of salt?

no it will make him trow up same as people

What is a piece of sugar called?

One piece of sugar is a grain, which is also the same for salt. E.g., a grain of sugar or a grain of salt.

How much does a bushel of kale weigh?

same as a bushel of salt