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It will if the ac is on.

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Q: Why does cooling fan on 2006 gmc truck run continuously?
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Why does AC stop working after a while and the car will overheat when AC is on on a 1995 Nissan 240sx?

Cooling fan not working, or your cooling system needs a complete service. The cooling fan should be on continuously when the A/C is on.

What makes the cooling fan run all the time on a 1991 Buick Park Avenue?

If you have the A/C turned on the cooling fan will run continuously which is normal. If that is not the case then the thermal relay may be stuck shut.

When your truck gets warm you hear a fan turn on what is that?

That is the fan cooling the liquid in the radiator to keep the engine from over heating.

Peugout 306 cooling fans continiously run?

On most vehicles the fan or fans will run continuously if the A/C is on. If the A/C is off and it is continuously running check the thermal switch.

Can you continuously run your cooling fan on for your 1991 camaro rs v8?

sure if you wire it that way. it wont hurt anything

Pontiac grand am 1994 where is cooling fan relay?

The fan is controlled by the same computer that regulates the engine. It is usually called the Electronic Control Module. When the ECM is malfunctioning it sometimes will run the fan continuously.

Why does my 2003 Jeep Cherokee Laredo cooling fan run continuously?

My 1999 Grand Cherokee just started this today. My first thought is that the fan relay is stuck in the "on" position.

How do you take fan off water pump on 2006 Chevy truck?

Take the bolts of the fan blades

Should 1995 grand marquis radiator cooling fan run continuously?

No. The fan should shut off when the engine temp is to cold for the fan to be on. If its on all the time the temperature switch/sensor is probably defective.

If cooling fan clutch on 94 Toyota truck breaks does water pump still function?

yes just replace the fan clutch assembly

What are the release dates for Trick My Truck - 2006 Ultimate Race Fan Edition 4-1?

Trick My Truck - 2006 Ultimate Race Fan Edition 4-1 was released on: USA: 16 February 2008

What is the name for a cooling fan in a computer?

cooling fan