Why does Toyota fortuner have 2 gear knobs?

Updated: 9/19/2023
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The Fortuner comes equipped with Full time 4x4, Torsen (torque sensing) limited slip differential and a dual ratio (high / low) transfer case. The diff is lockable too.

4x4 Drive Options:

Broadly, there are four options on the transfer box (smaller gear lever).

H : Default mode. Running in all time 4x4 with the center diff unlocked. This is what you will use 99% of the time. For tarmac use.

HL : 4x4 with center diff locked. 50:50 torque between the front & rear axles. Do NOT use this mode on tarmac (you will ruin the drivetrain). Best in slush, sand etc.

LL : 4x4, center diff locked, low ratio. Use in extreme offroad applications. Only crawling speeds possible.

N : Neutral. No drive provided to the front or rear wheels. Purpose is to serve as a bridge between High & Low ratio shifts.

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Q: Why does Toyota fortuner have 2 gear knobs?
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