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she pukes BEFORE she kisses him ddddddddddddddduuuuuuuuuuuuuuuhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Q: Why does Courtney vomit after she kisses duncan on total drama island?
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Who does Duncan marry in Total Drama Island?

Duncan marries Courtney in Total Drama Island. Even though they are married Courtney at one point wanted to divorce Duncan.

How old is duncan on total drama island?

Duncan from total drama island is 17. He went to jail several times and he likes Courtney from total drama island.

Who is Courtney's crush on Total Drama Island?

It is Duncan because on episode 21 he rights on wooden head Duncan + Courtney

What episode of total drama island does Duncan see Courtney in a towel?

its fan art

Who does duncan like in total drama world tour?

Well, at first Duncan was with Courtney on Total Drama Island and Total Drama Action. In Total Drama Action, he and Gwen started to like eachother. In Total Drama World Tour they became a couple. So, in Total Drama World Tour, Duncan likes Gwen and hates Courtney because she was the reason Gwen was eliminated.

Who wins toatal drama action?

it is Courtney it comes down to duncan and Courtney ut Courtney wins

Will duncan and Courtney be back together in total drama reloaded?

In The Very Last Episode, Really!. Courtney kisses Duncan and then says, "You're still not my type." and Duncan says, "You make me sick.". But either way, the two continue to make out. Also in Total Drama Drama Drama Drama Island, Courtney abandons Duncan when she gets the million-dollar case. And later as Duncan is scaring away a moose, Courtney cheers him on, but he says, "I'm coming for you next, sweetheart.". So basically, not really.

How are the final 2 in total drama action?

duncan and Courtney are the last two but Courtney wins

Who will be in the final 2 on total drama action?

duncan and Courtney but Courtney wins

How wins total drama action?

Courtney it comes down to duncan and Courtney but Courtney wins but im not sure how but Courtney wins

Does Ducan dump Courtney on Total Drama Island?

<3 On, Total Drama Island, no. On the next season, Total Drama Action, yes, because Courtney wrote out 1,000 rules for him to follow if they wanted a relationship. But they suddenly got back together when Duncan won the million, not just because of Duncan's money, because Courtney realized she should suck it up and grow a heart, and that she needed to take a chance and be a little looser. OK, a lot looser. !

Who is on the killer bass on total drama island?

Duncan,Dj,Geoff, Bridgett,Courtney,Eva,Harold,Ezekiel,Katie,Sadie, and Tyler