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Q: Why do you throw up when you burp?
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If you burp shortly after you throw up what are you tasting?

If you burp shortly after you throw up, you would be probably be tasting the smell left that you were vomiting up and stomach acid too.

What if your tummy feels bloated and you feel sick like you need to burp?

You need to throw up

Do horses burp?

Yes, just like us, horses burp to, I know because a horse burped at me once. Answer2: No, the vast majority of horses cannot burp. This is due to the same reason they cannot throw up. The shape of the esophagus and the strength of the sphincter muscle at the opening to the stomach typically prevent burping and throwing up. However some horse may have a weak sphincter muscle or an overly straight esophagus and can burp/throw up, but this is extremely rare.

What happens when you drink too much fizzy?

you burp or throw up. either way you'll fill better.

How do you burp 1999 Malibu?

Throw it over your shoulder and pat it on the back until it burps. Really have no idea what you mean by "burp".

Is it bad to burp so much?

If you burp too much too often, you could possibly throw up easier than you would without burping so much. Other than that, it just smells bad!

Do Geneva's burp?

No when she eats, a burp never come's up.

Is it possible to burp the alphabet in one burp?

Yes, look it up on

How does one Burp on command?

If you mean HOW to burp on command, I have your answer. Fill your cheeks up with air, and swallow it. Keep filling your cheeks up and swallowing. How loud do you want your burp, that depends on how much air you swallow.

What is a lava burp?

A lava burp is when you puke up in your mouth a little while burping: food, liquid, what have you.

Is it hard to burp?

no it is not hard to burp because if u feel gas just push it will come up.

Why do we burp?

To let gases that build up, out of your body