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Q: Why do you throw up but not feel sick?
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What does nausy mean?

It means to feel sick like your going to throw up

What if your tummy feels bloated and you feel sick like you need to burp?

You need to throw up

Is it normal to feel sick but dont throw up when your pregnant?

i think so .. everyones different

Dogs eat grass and throw up?

Dogs eat grass in order for them to throw up things that are making sick, such as what cats do with furballs. They do this naturally to get rid of whats making them feel sick, by eating grass.

Can you feel sick from running too much?

yh bcause you feel a stitch and empty so u can feel ill or actually throw up

Are all dogs sick when they throw up?

Yes when a dog throws up the dog is sick like humans because when we throw up were sick. You can also tell if a dog is sick by feeling their noses, if it's dry they're sick.

Is it okay to feel sick after sex?

Yes. Most of the time it is from the all the being pushed inside you. It can make you have a stomach ache or feel like you need to throw up.

If you throw up motin after each time you eat but no sick comes are you bulimic?

im 14 years old and everytime i hav summin 2 eat i feel guilty and disgusting 4 eating it also i try to throw up what i hav jst eaten but no sick comes up but i do choke and hav the sick motion? plz help?

Is it normal to throw up constantly but you dont feel sick?

My mum's a doctor and she said it isn't, she also said it depends on the age group.

Did Zane from one direction ever throw up on stage?

no, zayne never but he did feel quite sick before doing his first live show.

Why does your dog eat and throw up?

maybe its sick.............

How long does it take to get your singing voice back after you get sick and throw up a lot?

It takes about seven days at most to get to your singing voice after you get sick and throw up a lot.