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Q: Why do you sometimes need to pee a lot and sometimes you don't?
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Do you need to pee a lot before your first period?

Yes sometimes that is a symptom of PMS because when the uterus contracts it pushes on the bladder and makes you have to pee more

How do you not dilutte your pee?

dont drink a lot of water

Sometimes i cant pee kinda like constapation i dont wipe from the butt area and then front which may cause in some cases but why cant i pee sometimes is that normal?

Yeah, I get that, where you think you need to, but you dont. Generally its because you've had a lack of fluids or too much to drink in a short time.

Why do i feel cold and need to pee a lot?

If a person is cold a lot and has to pee often may have a cold. The person could also be pregnant, because the urge to pee is a sign of pregnancy.

What is wrong if you have clear urine and you use the bathroom a lot?

well if you pee clear then i guess you must drink water...sometimes if you drink a lot of water you will pee clear....dont worry its normal 1. It means you have drunk a lot of liquid (lol) OR 2. You might be pregnant (ummm if you are female of childbearing age, that is) OR 3. You need to get tested for diabetes.

How do you poop and pee- nothing else?

wow what a dumb question sicko push and pee and person ontop dont need to get rude

Does the baby poop and pee in the mothers stomach?

Mmm, maybe. Wait, the last answer, they do?! WHAT?!! I need to get this baby outta me...

Why is it that some days you pee a lot and somedays you pee less?

you will pee a lot if you drink lot of water

What do doctors check for pee in a cup?

The reason why you pee in a cup is because they check if there is bacteria in the pee or tell if your healthy or not but dont worry they just need to check if there are any bad things in the pee if there is they try to fix it so there are good minerals in the pee.

What if your male dog can't pee and is in a lot of pain?

You need to get your dog to the vet as soon as possible. If it can not pee and it is in pain it is suffering and may die.

Why do pee colors change?

Sometimes our pee change colour whether it is yellow or clear...If your pee is in yellow colour it means you need to drink alot of water and if it is clear you drink water alot.

What do you do when you need a pee and a girl is sucking your penis?

ask her to stop so you can go to the toilet you dont want to pee in her mouth or hold on and wait till she is done