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Q: Why do you shake while you are falling asleep?
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How can you pass out for a while?

Erm...falling asleep?

What is the legal penalty for falling asleep while driving and getting in an accident?

Falling asleep while driving and getting in an accident can occur a fine and/or misdemeanor. However, if serious physical injury or death occurs as a result of falling asleep, the legal penalty can be upgraded to a felony.

Is falling asleep in contacts okay if it happens just once?

Many people fall asleep in contacts once in a while, it just shouldn't be a habit

What does it mean when you dream of falling down the stairs?

Falling dreams, while frightening, often represent the body's reaction to the relaxation of muscles when in the process of "falling" asleep. The subconscious combines the physical sensation with the literal meaning of the expression "falling asleep" to produce a dream of falling.

Falling asleep at the wheel is fatal in percentage of crashes?

Crashes due to falling asleep at the wheel are 87% fatal

What is the difference between falling asleep and being put to sleep?

Falling asleep: voluntary Being put to sleep: involuntary

What music video features couples being disqualified for falling asleep while dancing?

im sexy and i know it

Why Body shake when asleep?

sleep apnea?

What is educational management?

falling asleep

How do you study with a tape recorder?

record an audio of what you need to study, and play it by your ear multiple times right before you fall asleep. even better, play it while you are falling asleep.

What is the results of falling to sleep when donating plasma?

Patients are not allowed to sleep while donating plasma. Falling asleep will make it more difficult for medical professionals to monitor the patient.

Forgive boyfriend after falling asleep?